Gemeinsamer Nenner

Relief for high-conflict parents

About us

The counselling centre “Gemeinsamer Nenner- Entlastung für hochkonflikthafte Eltern” was founded in April 2020 under the sponsorship of selbst.bestimmt e.V. that has its origin in the work of the Stop-Stalking counselling centre. Stop-Stalking advises both those affected by stalking and people who stalk. The idea of supporting affected parents in overcoming their conflicts at a parental level after dealing with the stalking dynamic led to the creation of the counselling centre Gemeinsamer Nenner. The target group of the offer was expanded in the same year to include high-conflict parents without stalking experience. Over the years, the counselling concept has increasingly focused on the specific needs of high-conflict parents and their children. The counselling is based on the principle of omnipartiality towards the parents and partiality for the children concerned.

Gemeinsamer Nenner is a sub-project of the association Selbst.bestimmt e.V., the specialist centre for conflict resolution and violence prevention (

Member of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Berlin

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